Our Services

Top Quality Production: We are equipped to produce the freshest and fully-developed coffee products. Our Roasters, manufactured in the USA are the proven leader worldwide in producing Specialty Coffee. Our Specialty Coffee is produced in roasters that allows us to execute our artistic formulas by developing the recipe of the blends we create.

We selected our roasters for their capability of convection, safety, modernization-of-controls, versatility and the full-development of our Specialty Grade products.

Private Label Collaboration: Elite’s team of blend, packaging and art experts can help you create and maintain your own brand personality. We promote and support your brand so that you can focus your talents and skill sets to satisfy more of your customers.

Blend Creation: Our experts can design a blend for you or work in-tandem with your cilnary team in order to create your own signature series of products.

Blend Matching/Engineering: We can help by producing the profile flavor that you desire or that you have identified as a taste that you desire to add to your product portfolio.

Equipment: We have a wealth of brewing options at our fingertips. Espresso, drip, profile brewers, Ice Tea brewers, dispensing equipment and thermal vessels. We can provide maintenance, repairs and dispatch repair technicians 24/7

Sustainability & Traceability: With a Quality Program that encompasses, HACCP, Global Food Safety & Defense, Total Traceability, Sustainability, Environmental Impact Footprint and a commitment to happy and healthy employees, we assure our clients to expect the best of the best. From Compostable Packaging to Track-able Raw Materials from the tree to the cup, our customers have a transparent and capable partner to satisfy every a transparent and capable partner to satisfy ever need from Foodservice Operations to Retail Consumer Products.